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k...i've got a quick and easy one that patrick coté showed at a seminar

when your opponent has you in the clinch with his hands cupped behind your head, quickly bend your legs like you're going down for a squat then cup your hands on his elbows closer to the triceps then the forearms

explode up hard and fast holding onto the elbows, this will cause your opponents arms to straighten much like an armbar and he will be forced to break the clinch

if your opponent is in closer and is stronger, you may just end up lifting him up by the elbows, that's ok since you still have the advantage: his feet are off the ground and you can go for a throw/slam/trip/etc.

it'd quick and the easiest/most effective technique i've learned so far to break a needs to be executed fast or the opponent will know what you are doing or you'll grab a knee with your face

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