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Originally Posted by King Daisuke View Post
You're contradicting yourself quite a bit ITT, but I'll settle with this. You're trying to downplay Gus's popularity, but at the same time mention how he's on the cover? Unlike Jones, he wasn't put on the cover, he was voted by the people over Chael Sonnen, UFC's hugest star Ronda Rousey (who actually was upped by Miesha Tate ) and GS ****in' P! But I guess he's just a regional star, since everybody knows that only the Swedish play video games, right?

I think you're a good poster, but you're really reaching here. It was a very close fight which could've gone either way. It's not only Jones haters who think Gus got the better of the champ in that fight. A rematch is very warranted.

All that said, I'm fine with either fight (IMO both guys will beat the champion), but seriously **** you Jones for always trying to play the game and choosing who you're going to fight next! Do the right thing, shut the **** up and fight whoever they tell you to!
I believe it goes hand-in-hand; his hardcore followers in Sweden voted him in. It is like in basketball and baseball (on a grander scale), undeserving players from China and Japan would get voted into the all-star game all the time due to people supporting their countryman.

A lot of people scored the fight with their heart. Pretty much all media outlets had it for Bones. I know it is far from the "end all be all", but I think people were taking surprises and preferences into who they think won. A close fight does not merit a rematch. Since they fought, Bones beat Glover in a PPV main event while Gus beat a no-namer on Fight Pass. That does not exactly stack up. Cormier scares me more and I hate him, but I would way rather Bones/Cormier.

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