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Favorite Quote?

What is your favorite quote? It can be from a movie, TV show, song, person, book, poem, anything that you feel deserves mentioned. List as many as you want.

My favorite probably has to be from the Simpsons...

Lawyer: You, sir, are a moron!
Homer: A Mormon!? But I'm from Earth!

I like this one from a Sublime song
Originally Posted by Sublime on the song 'Greatest Hits'
I'm too drunk to light this bong, I'm too stoned to write this song

And this isn't so much a quote as it is a lyric but I'm listing it anyway
Originally Posted by BloodHound Gang in a song called 'Hell Yeah' where the singer is singing as if he were God
And when they nail my pimpled ass to the cross
I'll tell them I found Jesus, that should throw them off
He goes by the name (Hay-sus) and steals hub caps from cars
Oh (Hay-sus) can I borrow your crow bar?
To pry these goddamn nails out they're beginning to hurt
Crucified and all I got was this lousy T-shirt
'I can't believe it's not butter' I'll sing as I'm flogged
Yea that's what I would do if I were God
So vote for me for savior and you'll go to heaven
Your lame duck lord is like Kevin Spacey in 'SEVEN'
With creepy threats of H-E-double hockey sticks
You just can't teach an old god new tricks
But would I be a good messiah with my low self-esteem?
If I don't believe in myself would that be blasphemy?
Just sport some crummy 'holier than thou' facade
Yea that's what I would do if I were God
It's better when you hear it in the song though. Bloodhound Gang are the most creative lyricists of any band in the world today.
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