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MMAF All Access: June 2014

MMAF All Access

Welcome to the May 2014 installment of MMAF All Access, without any further ado, lets see what's been going on around here...

Forum Announcements

Forum Support Members have been added. You may have seen them, around. These positions are for members that wish to help out around the forum. They are not moderator positions but they are part of the staff. These positions become available as the staff sees fit. If you are interested, keep an eye out as threads will be put up in various locations around the forum when a spot has opened.

- Bloggers Wanted! If you are interested in becoming an official blogger for MMAF, let a staff member know and we will let you know how to accomplish this!

- MMAF Live Tweeter Wanted! If you are interested in tweeting during the fights for MMAF, let a staff member know! This is a Forum Support Position!

Around MMA Forum

World Cup 2014 Discussion --- For all of you soc errrr Futbol fans, check out the World Cup 2014 thread in the sports section and discuss the games!

MMAF Spotlight

This months MMAF Spotlight is a gentleman long overdue and interview, Danm2501.

Lets get started...

What is your real name?
Daniel Blake Manley

Where are you from?
Originally from the east of England, in Suffolk, but been living in South London for the last 4 years

You have a nickname?
Nope, just known as Dan

What do you do for a living?
I've literally just finished my degree. I studied Web Development with Business at Kingston, and finished last month, just waiting for results now, but I'm hoping for a First.

Since I finished my studies, I've started working for one of the biggest Sports Media companies in Europe, doing some Software Testing/QA and online support for the European Tour. It's pretty exciting times for me, as I've always wanted to work in the Sports industry, but never knew a company like this existed until I stumbled upon their graduate scheme. I didn't get on the Grad scheme, but have found myself in a role within the company, and I couldn't be happier!

Do you have siblings?
Yeah, I have a younger sister

What are your interests and hobbies, aside from MMA?
I'm big into my sport, I play (and watch) a lot of golf, in fact I'd say it's probably my favourite sport right now, I've become a little obsessed with it to tell the truth. Outside of that I'm into football, cricket and boxing. Away from sport, I love travelling, and would consider myself a bit of a chef, and love getting in the kitchen and cooking up a fantastic meal. I cook a mean fillet steak!

Favourite Golfer?
I like Bubba Watson. When he's on form, he does things with a golf ball that no-one else could dream of doing. His ability of the tee is unmatched in all of professional golf. I'm a big fan of Rory McIlroy too. A lot of people have grown to dislike him as he's developed as a player (which tends to happen when anyone gets to the top) but on his day Rory is the best player in the world, and can demolish the chasing pack with ease. Love watching him play.

Favourite Football team?
Everton. I'm not from Liverpool, have no relatives from Liverpool, hell, I've never even been to Liverpool, but Everton has been my club of choice since I was a kid. My Dad's a big Everton fan, and he claims that his reasoning for supporting them is that when he was growing up, everyone supported Liverpool, so he decided to be different. Has certainly rubbed off on me!

Favourite Boxer?
I don't really have one TBH. I'm a fan of Boxing, but don't watch too much of it. I'm just a fight fan in general, so I'll go back and watch Mike Tyson's fights, and then guys like Roy Jones Jr, Naseem Hamed, Pernell Whittaker are guys I've spent time watching. In terms of modern day boxing, I've been enjoying the Froch-Groves rivalry, and am really looking forward to that fight on Saturday, the first one was awesome!

What was it about MMA that got you hooked in the first place?
Just the excitement of the whole thing I guess. I sort of stumbled across it on ESPN back in 2008 in the build up to Rampage's fight with Forrest, and after watching that build up, and watching the fight itself, I was hooked. I then started seeking out fights, watching old fights, buying DVDs of old UFC's and PRIDE, and have been addicted ever since.

Who is your favourite fighter and why?
Dan Hardy. I love watching him fight, he never has a boring fight, and I relate to the dude, he's a cool mother****er. He's also funny as ****, and that's something that always gravitates me towards a fighter, if you can be funny, like Dan, or Chael, or Forrest, or more recently Conor McGregor, you've got me as a fan.

Dan's just a cool dude, that has some real interesting perspectives and ideas on life, and I not only love watching him fight, but listening to him talk. His appearances on Joe Rogan's podcast, and on London Real have been fasincating. I just wish he could get this whole Wolff-Heart thing sorted and get back to fighting, I would love to see him go to war again.

Which fighter can't you stand and why?
There's not really anyone TBH. There are a few guys that I don't really like, but I wouldn't say I couldn't stand any fighter. I don't like Hector Lombard, as he has a real reputation as being a massive dickhead, and I'm pretty sure that opinion of him is held by a lot of guys in the industry, but then he's so good to watch, that I can't really hate him.

I also dislike CB Dollaway. Not really sure why, I think it's something to do with his face, there's just something really punchable about it. He also ended Mayhem's UFC run, back when I was a fan of his, pre-breakdown, in one of the worst UFC performances I've ever seen. Mayhem had blown his knee out, could barely walk, and Dollaway still struggled, was an awful fight.

Oh, and Josh Koscheck's a dick as well. Been enjoying his recent run.

Which fighter best defines the term "wasted potential"?
Uriah Hall is probably a good example in modern MMA. He has some unbelievable physical attributes, superb kickboxing, and absolutely blitzed the field in TUF, but has really struggled since then. Hopefully he'll be able to pull it all together after a slow start.

Karo Parisyan was a massive waste of potential too. If he hadn't got injured, and then hooked on painkillers after his injuries, he'd have been a monster. The guy was smashing dudes, had solid striking, that wicked Judo background with the masssive throws. He was awesome to watch. Such a shame that at 31 he's effectively done as a fighter and has fallen away so much since '07.

Favourite fight of all time?
It's gotta be Griffin vs Bonnar. That fight was so good, and so important for the sport of MMA. It was one of the first fights I saw when I first got into MMA, and it's still one of my favourites.

Dan Hardy vs Bang Ludwig was pretty special too. I've never wanted anyone to win a fight as badly as I wanted Dan to beat Ludwig. Was so satisfying when he knocked him down with the left hook, and dropped the elbows for the win.

What is the worst fight you've ever seen?
For me personally, Dan Hardy vs Chris Lytle, Was such a terrible fight. Dan needed a win, and was probably just winning the fight, but was looking pretty bad. Then, in the 3rd round has a massive brain fart, takes Lytle down and gets immediately submitted to complete a 4 fight losing streak. Was so disappointed.

Favourite MMA Card of all time?
UFC 100 was pretty special, and topped off my first year as an MMA fan. I just remember the build-up being incredible, and being so excited to watch the event.

In your opinion, what is the lamest UFC card of all time?
UFC 119 was terrible, as was UFC 149. Poor cards, with far to many dull, uninteresting fights.

If you had Joe Silva's job for one night, put together your dream UFC Card! And what would your predictions be?
Brock Lesnar vs Fedor Emelianenko
Jon Jones vs Cain Velasquez
Ronda Rousey vs Cristiane 'Cyborg' Santos
Jose Aldo vs Anthony Pettis
Chael Sonnen vs Wanderlei Silva

Pretty happy with that for a main card. I always wanted to see Brock and Fedor go to war, so seeing as this is a dream card, that had to be the headliner. I think Fedor would probably win, but Brock has a chance with a Big Foot Silva-esque gameplan. Would be an amazing fight.

Jones vs Velasquez is a real interesting one. Jones better on the feet, but Velasquez with a power, size, strength, and wrestling advantage. I can't really make a prediction with this one, but would love to see it.

Rousey takes Cyborg down, and submits her in the first. Cyborg's only chance is in the first exchange, after that she's getting smoked.

Aldo vs Pettis is another that I can't predict, I'd just love to watch, what a war that would be.

I really wanted to see Chael put a beating on Wanderlei, so it's happening on this card.

Womens MMA has been in the UFC over a year do you feel about it's place in the UFC, and it's progression so far?
I love it. I'm a big Ronda Rousey fan, and I'm so glad she's come along and put women's MMA on the map. More often than not, the ladies come to war, and are the most entertaining fights on the card. I love womens MMA, and hope it sticks around for years to come.

Where do you see Bellator, WSOF and Invicta in 5 years time?
I think Bellator will be dead and buried. They should have stuck to TV, and their successful Tournament series format. They're trying to compete with the UFC, and that never ends pretty. They're going to be losing a lot of money employing guys like Rampage and Tito, and trying to enter into the PPV market. I can see them going the way of Affliction, and being dead very soon.

WSOF will hopefully be happy being a smaller organisation, and continue doing what they're doing. They're putting out some good events, and have some excellent fighters. I hope that they're still around in 5 years.

I can see Invicta eventually being bought out by the UFC, with the majority of their fighters moving over, or potentially acting as a feeder league, like the WEC did back in the day.

If you were Dana White, who would you beg to retire?
Dan Henderson and BJ Penn should probably be retired, but I wouldn't necessarily beg them to retire, if they want to continue fighting, I'm sure there are people that would be interested in watching them.

If there was a general, overall MMA Hall of Fame, who would your 10 inductees be?
Fedor Emelianenko
Royce Gracie
Chuck Liddell
Randy Couture
Anderson Silva
Bas Rutten
Dan Henderson
Kazushi Sakuraba
Georges St.Pierre
Wanderlei Silva

A few guys unlucky to miss out, most notably Big Nog, Tito, and the Shamrocks. Choosing 10 guys was really hard!

This time next year, who do you see being champ in each UFC weight division?

Womens Bantamweight: Ronda Rousey
Flyweight: Demetrious Johnson
Bantamweight: TJ Dillashaw
Featherweight: Chad Mendes
Lightweight: Khabib Nurmagomedov
Welterweight: Johny Hendricks
Middleweight: Chris Weidman
Light-Heavyweight: Jon Jones
Heavyweight: Cain Velasquez

Not many changes, I do see Mendes taking out Aldo though, and then Khabib is taking that 155lb title.

Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years time?
I'd love to be living in a house I own, potentially have begun starting a family, and moved up to managerial level in the company I'm currently working for. Would also like to have my golfing handicap below 15, but we'll wait and see about that one.

A big thank you to Danm2501 for his time doing the interview, he's been a part of the furniture around here and he deserved the nod this month shower the man with love and rep people.

Until next time...adios!

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