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jarrod shaw first MMA fight recap

after losing 18 pounds and working out on my own and with some of my friends i had my first fight today.

to anyone who cares the video will be up soon and heres what happened in the fight:

ok i wait all day because im the 3rd to last fight get my hands taped up my gloves on and we go out ( PS: I FORGOT MY FKIN CD FOR THE FIGHT SONg, so i just used my friends i dunno what it was called )

this kid won state in PA for wrestling this year so hes pretty good at wrestling but anyway we start out tap gloves and as soon as he comes in striking distance i shoot in and take him down, i pound on him for about 30 seconds then my foot slides out of the cage and gets pinned between the cage and the platform ( might be broken theres a huge lump with bruises everywhere ) so after about 20 seconds of trying to get my foot un-stuck from the cage we stand up and go back at it again, this time when i strike his head he shoots in and tries to take me down

i get him in a guillotine and try to sink it in, he works his way out i get into his guard and try to work the strikes on him, at this point ive been dominating the entire round so far but neither of us get anything and we stand back up, once again i hit him a few and he shoots and AGAIN he left his head wide open for a guillotine and i sunk it in really deep, in about 5 seconds he starts to tap and the ref yells for me to stop...

as soon as i stop the kid gets up, takes my back and i stand up with him on my back and he gets me in a rear naked choke and im forced to tap.. the ref and the judges talk about it and the ref says " sorry dude i thought he was done " and they award the win to him.. so basically i deserve the win but due to a gay call i lose.

all-in-all it was fun and worthwhile and ill definitely be fighting again
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