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Originally Posted by [[ Bapehead ]]
i don't understand a thing about this grading stuff.
Fairtex doesn't do that kinda stuff.
it's been my 4th month training now, i'm 17 years old, and i can't wait till i train more and start preparing for some fights =].

btw, how did you fighters get into it? what was the process like? i figure i'd ask here instead of starting a new thread to further my knowledge about this stuff.

How did I get into it? Well, all my mates were doing Ninjutsu (or Bujinkan) so I went to try that out. It was just the gayest thing ever, takes years and years and years to master, and then when you've mastered it, you can't go around assassinating people or becoming invisible. And who needs to dodge swords in this day and age?

So I thought I'd look for some clubs that do contact martial arts in my area. One that popped out on the page was Sitpinyo Muay Thai, which was relatively close to my house, and I took two friends with me to join in. Since then, I've become better than most of the club, bar a couple of lads who've been doing it for years longer than me, we've got a new trainer, and I ******* love the art

Oh, and the 2 lads that I took with me? Yeah, they're some fat bastards who drink too much now.

Muay Thai eventually broadened into Submission Wrestling, cause I wanted to improve my self defense work on the ground. I got into a fight just knowing Muay Thai and had to keep squirming my way out of this fat guys grasp before I could stand up again and punch him to shit. I plan to start fighting Muay Thai by next year, hopefully in Thailand with someone who isn't Thai or Dutch

I'm also blabbing on, let's hear your stories


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