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Well first of all, Hughes basically won the second round if you ask me, regardless of what Eddie Bravo thinks.

He was "saved by the bell", however it's BJs own fault he didnt apply that submission earlier. You cant fault Matt Hughes for that.

And finally, I agree, it wasnt that impressive, it by all means wasnt dominate...but still, you HAVE to give credit to Matt Hughes. Conditioning is part of the game man, you cant say "If BJ didnt gas he would have won", that's bullshit, you do not know that. That's like saying "If he didnt get him in that armbar he would have won"...that's just the way it goes man. Hughes wanted it more, he was more hungry, he was in better shape, and he took it Penn bro, plain and simple. There are no excuses for BJ Penn, whether he was in shape or not, that was his own fault, and when you face Matt Hughes you KNOW you have to be in ands, ifs, or buts about it.

And as for GSP saying that, though I'm sure he meant it...but the only reason he did it was to stir the pot man, simple as that, he did it to make the fight more exciting when it comes around.
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