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I like how everyone is so quick to say Matt talked shit. He said something that made sense. He wished he was in better shape(cardio) to go all 5. Then it would have been a better fight and you guys couldn't ***** about it then. Was it impressive? No, but why should it have been? Did you see how well BJ did in the first 2 rounds? How could he have looked impressive against that? I don't think he even thought he looked impressive. He surely didn't say he was. It was shitty of the french idiot to run his yap like that. Save that kind of stuff for later on, not right after the fight. Pierre is very good, but that comment was stupid. Did anyone hear afterwards that he was apologizing for saying it, that he was only trying to sell the fight? He was trying to get you guys to talk about it to hype up his fight with Hughes.

Like him or not, Hughes is the best WW. You don't have to be impressive all the time, and with an opponent like Penn, nobody will look impressive until the later rounds
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