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Well if you can't see how Matt is cocky then I won't be able to explain it to you. It's not a new thing. It's not only what is said it's how it's said. He talks about respect but what he said was no different then what GSP said. Matt should chill out.

It's all part of the fighting game. Some get away with being cocky and others don't. It gets old and adds to him being BORING. A new face, attitude and style would be nice. BJ is much more fun to watch and so are many others.

What I did say is he's a shit talker but can't suck it up when someone else says it like it is and he bores me. He hardly beat BJ up. BJ gassed or something and Matt won. I think BJ was more impressive since Matt is such a dominante WW. If BJ really wants, Matt will have no chance against him.

Bet Matt looks worse than BJ. Doesn't really matter how they look does it.

Anyway what happened to the Crow. It took him to long to get going. Nervous after Franklin maybe?
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