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Originally Posted by asskicker
OMG Jardine and Evans? More deserving than Tito? Ok Alex Im sorry I called you stupid. But come on your obviously a TUF nuthugger who doesnt know a whole lot beyond TUF. I sure hope I wont get warned for these comments MMA freak. I cant believe I cant even say stupid. What are you my kindergarded teacher?
A tuf NUTHUGGER? Are you kidding me man? I cant help the dudes were on a show that brought the UFC towards the mainstream population. I sincerely do not appreciate you labeling me by saying "I dont know a lot beyond TUF".

First of all, Evans is on a roll, and is undefeated in his career, and as a UFC fighter. He's beaten good competition in Bonnar and Lambert and has basically mowed through everyone he has faced. Jardine I didnt say was more deserving, I said he could be. I think he's a good fighter, and a fighter I like to watch, I personally think he was jobbed against Bonnar.

But if you want to take this whole conversation offensively and continue to try and bring me down because of my opinions by calling me a "TUF nuthugger" then I'm through with this conversation man.
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