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Dude some of your posts are way off.

Also changing your name might help you stop gettin neg rep.

Lol what is with your name now anyways?!?!

"Absolute tool"
If I really cared I could just brute force ( hack; most common way to hack ) a admin account. It is not that hard to do even just have download a program ( you can choose a lot out there ) and a huge wordlist exchange all the username side to password side and on username side put the admin or admins you want passwords to. Almost always works trust me. I mean copy the list passwords times many accounts you want to hack. Yes, if your concerned that the site you hack will report you to your local sheriffs department ( and they will do something about it unlikely if think so then use a proxy unless you hack the pentagon, NASA, etc ( p.s. proxys on the internet not specially designed won't help against government agencies )) or ( college who will probably do something about it if you do it on campus ) . ANYBODY who KNOWS HOW TO USE A SEARCH ENGINE can hack; maybe not go through a proxy though. Yes, I know their are other ways to hack a crappy secruity forum like this; some ways are easier and less time consuming or download other programs that work better than a program that brute forces usernames and passwords. Eventually somebody will crack usernames and passwords with one program for all sites without getting locked out after five tries to get in ( suprised hasn't happened already ) and will have to download a program to become a member and log in by IP. When this day happens watch the choas of people erasing information off the net and credit card companies not letting purchases for that day plus stores not accepting credit cards.

Brock Lesnar will be the #1 ranked fighter, and will be best fighter ever.

Favorite fighters:

HW = Lesnar
MW = Filho
WW = Koscheck
LW = Ruediger

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