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Less than 20 carbs a day and workout ( run for 30 minutes and do something else for 30 minutes or run for a hour NOT WEIGHT LIFTING DON'T CHEAT ) you should be fine in 1-2 weeks you will lose a lot of fat. Then you can tone up. Probably lose 20 pounds or more( if over 20% body fat ) in two weeks if you eat or drink a lot of sugar. Basically it is the Atkins diet WORKS THE BEST I THINK OTHER DIETS THAT ARE LOW CARBS ARE RIP OFF OF HIS.
Atkins - Phase 1: Induction
body weight x 15 = caloric intake, take 250 off that.

hit the weights hard and heavy. if you don't you'll just get skinny fat.
There are plenty of weight training splits out there, look 'em up and find exercises for each body part you like or at least will do.
That is a ton of calories that will make you bigger and more muscular. I think he just wants to lose weight. Plus trans & saturated fats don't really matter that much unless your on a fat diet ( WHICH TAKE A WHILE TO LOSE WEIGHT ).

Brock Lesnar will be the #1 ranked fighter, and will be best fighter ever.

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