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Weird, i've never gotten a purple ep. I'm going to assume you mean a grey rep. I think this means a negative 9and maybe positive) rep from a member who is in the red themselves, therefore it counts as nothing (not positive or negative). Either way, don't pay too much attention to the rep counts. It's easy for one bad apple to bring others count down and for several unscrupulous members to trade reps back and forth (though you have to spread rep arount to rep someone again) to increase their rep counts mutually. I know which members I respect by the posts they made and I don't care how many green or red rectangles they have below their name. That being said, I still try to positive rep those that deserve it and I don't engage in the BS rep for rep thing. If you rep me I will rep you back if you deserve it, period.

The point I'm trying to make is that it's easy to abuse t rep system (and the points/money system), but for what? Some green rectangles under your name or meaningless points? Just be true to yourself and post what you feel and try to be sensitive to other members (Don't troll) and others will respect you regardlesss of your "status". I know whih members I respect, and it has nothing to do with rep count (though I have nothing against the system and i try to follow it)/

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