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Dubya's MMA training log

Im going to attempt doing one of these logs again after I got bored of my last one pretty quick because I did the same routine almost everyday. This time around I'm trying a bit more varied approach, before I would keep it simple by doing weights one day and skill the next day with almost no conditioning drills. I've recently bought a small 50lb martial arts bag which I use for a number of things besides as a normal punching bag, I incorporate it into some of my lifts as well as ground work and ground and pound drills.

Today was a circuit with no break in between the different exercises and a 2 minute rest after each round, completing a total of 10 rounds.

NOTE: The numbers after the exrcise name indicates how many reps I did of that exercise for a single round.

Single leg bodyweight squat - 6 each leg
Handstand Pushups - 5
Shoulder Snatches (using bag) - 12
Burpees w. pushups - 12
Knee Rotations on swiss ball - 12
Seated dumbbell rotations - 40 (20lb dumbbell)
Overhead presses (using bag) - 12
dumbbell forearm curls (20lb) - 12 each arm
Stiff Leg deadlift (using bag) - 12
Pullups - 8
One-arm pushups - 5 each arm
Chinups - 8
Bent-over rows (using bag) - 12

Tomorrow i'm planning on doing some skill specific drills and technique drills for BJJ, Wrestling, Judo and Ground & Pound drills.


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