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Originally Posted by Raucous
I have to disagree with your estimation that GSP was not dominating against BJ Penn. If you rewatch the fight GSP came out tense and nervous because he knew this was his shot at the title. Because he was tense he paid for it in the first round dearly. He also took an eye poke which I've replayed in slow motion over 20 times and IMO looks intensional without being obvious. Basically GSP was not in his normal frame of mind in round 1 which he will not make the mistake of doing again.

From that point on he dominated Penn in every way possible both standing and on the ground. As the fight went on he became more and more confident. The only reason BJ did not look like he's been beat up is due to his heritage. His skin type is extremely hard to damage. Look at how long Matt huges bludgeoned his face and he barely looked bruised with a few minor splits. Anyone else would have looked like an eggplant.

I did watch the Penn/GSP fight and after the first round it was boring and hard to watch. GSP was able to take Penn to the mat several times, not the type of takedowns that will cause damage but they score points. GSP kept scoring with the takedowns and short combinations and that is a smart thing for him to do and he earned his victory, Hughes did as well. Both Hughes and GSP may not have walked away from their fights with BJ looking like the victor but they won and thats all that matters. My point was that GSP did'nt dominate Penn either and ,in fact, was not able to finish him because it went to a decision, not opinion,fact. Hughes is going to have to fight better against GSP than he did against Penn to win.

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