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Originally Posted by Ramzee
a drin kthat makes you look like you gained weight? explain

also BJJ Boy, you heard wrong...yes there bodies were not 'exacrly' like that but they were very very similair, its not fake if thats what you are thinking. Just some things such as oil to give that enhanced look
Okay it is hard to explain but if you have ever happened to look at a bodybuidling magazine and see pictures of shredded guys with veins popping out, those guys don't always walk around looking like that. They either do 1 of 2 things. They either pump out a bunch of reps to get their blood moving or they drink a N02 or Nitric Oxide Workout drink that promotes "MUscular Vascularity" which causes every muscle in your body to expand and get bigger temporarily while you work out.

I know I take NO Xplode and PLasmavol before I workout and I'm around 135lbs and it makes me look like I'm around 145lbs by the end of my workout.

I hope that helps explain it.
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