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Originally Posted by FunkDoctor
No offence; I'm glad it didn't.

Abbadi is a complete can that didn't deserve a single fight n/m 3.

Gurgel is completely overhyped (thanks to Rich) and will get owned by any of the top 5 LWs in that division. He is yet to look impressive in any of his fights. Both guys need to be let go.

Are you basing that off of his UFC fights? Because if that is the case I would say it is unfair to say he is “over hyped”. His first fight on TUF not only way that not in his weight class but his knee was completely blown out…he had the have complete reconstructive surgery after he got home. And his second fight against Mark Hominick was complete bullshit, every time he would try to engage Hominick he would completely turn his back and run circles around the octagon until Gurgel stopped chasing him. The only reason I can see them giving Mark a win is because he caught like 4 of Gurgel’s kicks and then kicked his other leg out from under him. But then he did nothing after Gurgel hit the ground, he just stood there! All things considered I think we need to see more of him before we write him off. I will admit I am saying all of this with out seeing his fight on Saturday, when they played a few prelims and that one did not come up I knew it must have gone to a decision, which I was disappointed about I really though Gurgel would get an early sub. So I would really like to see the fight so that I could have more of an idea of what this guy is capable of.
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