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I understand you like the guy but he is overhyped.

Danny Abbadi has been blown out 2x before this fight. This was supposed to be a spoon fed can feeding and it turned into a decision. Danny's ground game is laughable. If Jorge was the man half the people thought he was, Abbadi would of been twisted into a pretzel by now. Jorge hasn't even put a fighter in danger yet. The man is overhyped.

Plus there are plenty of guys who "look" like they should have a ton of potential. Wes Combs being one of them. This guy had pwnd everyone in the amateurs and KOTC. He comes to UFC to fight perhaps the sloppiest looking fighter in TUF history (Mike Nikels) and gets tapped. They give him another chance against Wilson G, and he gets tapped again. Good am records don't mean shit. The fact is from what we've seen Gurgel can't hang; and like I said I bet he will not be able to hang with the top 5 LWs.

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