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Originally Posted by wukkadb
Ok, so your advice to avoid a TD is move out of the way diagonally and then push their head to the ground? I'm not trying to be a dick or anything, but you're just stating the obvious man.
Hmm, perhaps, perhaps not. But whether that's true or not, the technique calls for stiff arming the head and pushing it away -- not down. It yields a different -- and in my opinion, more favorable -- result than pushing down.

Still, I haven't come across too many people who use/know of the angle and pop. I'd imagine it would be most useful for strikers who really want nothing to do with the ground, since it doesn't force you into a grappling situation of any sort. Most of that demographic rely only on the sprawl ( and don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sprawling. I use it much more than the angle and pop), but that significantly increases the chance of things ending up in a grapple (be it ground or clinch).

Anyways, I hadn't intended for this topic to become soley about the angle and pop. I was hoping people would throw in their favorite ways of defending takedowns -- you know, like a group conversation. Bringing that method up was just a conversation starter. I just described one way of doing it, which not too many people I've met know about.

In that spirit, do you have any favorite ways for defending against takedowns, wukkadb?

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