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Advice on cardio training

i saw a thread like this, but figured the point wouldn't get across.

But i need to improve my cardio back into form and maybe even better cuz i haven't been able to play sports or anything like a used to.

Anyways, i have a stationary bike where you can, adjust the tension and stuff but it seems like it would be for more muscle training. On the 3rd tension i usually bike for like 10 mins straight, at around a pace of 16-20km/h. On pace one i can freely "bike" at 21 km/h without getting tired.

Right now i basically do withing that 10 mins. 30 secs of high speed like 30 (when on one) and 24 for another 30 and keep repeating untill the 10 mins is up.

SO the question is, can anyone give me some more advice? I also do weight lifting tho it doesn't really help my cardio...

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