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Originally Posted by Trainee
I think I've learned this technique in my old Karate/TKD class (yeah, they taught really useful things...not that point mumbo jumbo. The only problem with the class was that it was really really...not instense). I'm not going to act like a "fighting expert" (I'm far from it, really), but this method is actually pretty effective IMO. When your opponent goes for the takedown, you jump back at an angle, while at the same time grabbing onto his shoulders. Since he's moving forward, and you're in the air (at that very moment), you'll be moved with him without having to waste energy...all the while pushing him downwards.

I mean, that's what I think Kin was referring to. I could've interpereted wrong, though.
That's not quite what I meant. In the technique I mentioned, you're not really 'in the air.' Your feet barely leave the mat.

I'm gonna roll with someone later, so I'll see what happens if I jump backwards instead. I've never thought of doing that before. In my mind, it doesn't make much sense, but ya never know 'till you try.

Originally Posted by TheNegation
Well, I do thaiboxing. I usually employ my 'Knee them in the face strategy'.

You may have seen Hermes franca steal my technique and use it to limited success against sherk.
I also like that move, but rarely get to do it, since most of my sparring partners are not down for knees to the face. Good one, though.

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