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Originally Posted by Onganju
According to the California and Nevada State Athletic Commission, if an athlete is knocked out in the ring they are suspended from competing actively for 90 days, at which time they need doctor's clearance to get back into the ring to fight. It is done so that a fighter won't go in with a possibly life-shortening injury, get into the ring and have it worsen or kill them on the spot. As we all know, not too many fighters have steady incomes, and it helps protect the fighter from playing the tough guy role to fatal consequences.
With that in mind, the earliest Wandy would be cleared by either commission to fight state-side would be December 10th. Obviously, much later than what they would theasibly want as far as selling a card, and much longer than they would want to keep Chuck off of a PPV card. Considering that, the chances of this fight happening keeps dwindling away as the days pass.

Thank you for interupting this thread with inconvenient facts. After the beating that Silva took from CroCop why should he be considered for a Championship fight in the UFC? It does not matte that he is popular, the fact is that if you get knocked out, you don't come back in the next fight and get a shot at the title. What if Chuck got his head handed to him, went over to Pride and immediately got a title shot? Everyone would be crying about it. Silva got tooled the same way he got tooled when he fought Vitor, except Vitor was merciful enough to put him out of his misery fast, CroCop had fun with him for a while and turned him into a human highlight reel. I think that if Silva came back to the UFC Liddell would knock him out quickly. I don;t think Chuck is intimidated by the "Axe Murderer" shtick. Wandy did'nt look like too much of an axe murderer when he was unconscious with his face bashed in.

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