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Originally Posted by pt447
first off, Somoan Joe (not soman joe, get it right if your gunna comment) is one of the best pro wrestlers alive right now.

anyway, pro wrestling is very much about respect. vince was a d*ck, not letting kurt take off to heal... so, now kurt gets to help screw vince, who's product has been slowly dying over the past few years. With Kurt, and a lot of effort in revamping TNA's current storylines... TNA could go huge!

I thought was a bit more a back story to Angle's situation. I heard that he was indeed injured and that he got hooked on pain meds in order to be able to wrestle, WWE got spooked because of wrestlers dying over the past few years. They tell Angle to get it together, he does not, then they fire him. Like I said, this is what I heard, if I got it wrong no worries correcting me,and I'm no fan of Mr McMahon (I think he is an unethical guy and an egomaniac) so don't read that into my post.

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