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GSP Predicted it Exactly..

Originally Posted by Conor M
stop *****in he got his ass kicked in the 3rd after eating like 35 punches, matt hughes with the win just like i said a month ago. matts a better fighter no doubt, having good cardio is part of being a good fighter.
GSP could see exactly what I was saying and predicted it.. He was not impressed by Hughes.. Neither was I, as I realized Penn is a better fighter..

This is not rocket science folks.. The first two rounds for GSP and Hughes were punishment at the hands of Penn.. You have to lie to yourself not to see it.. It is as clear as day..

GSP knew it and that is why he said that if it stops in the first two rounds, Penn for the win.. if it goes into the 3rd and higher rounds, Hughes will win..

GSP is right to not be impressed, as GSP was better at taking down Penn.. Hughes couldn't do jack the first two rounds, hardly.

I guess in the big picture endurance is part of a fighter's arsenal, but that aside, Penn is a better fighter.. He did practically the same thing as in 2004.


Same game everytime.. Penn did have his number and just about did the same thing 2 years later.

SO, what will happen next? GSP or Penn will take the title.. If GSP takes the title, eventually, Penn will build up his endurance enough to take it from GSP.. Then, after holding the title for a few UFC title shots, he will get beat, because he just wanted to get the belt, not keep it.. Just like before.. He will loose his endurance and get whipped in the 3rd round, probably by GSP.. Then, he will go to Japan again or something and GSP will have the title.

Or a stranger version, Hughes will regain the title from Penn, Penn goes to Japan and GSP will have to sit on the sidelines another dozen title shots to reclaim it all over again... Boy won't that be fun..


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