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Originally Posted by Esotera
Guy how dumb are you? Penn messed up his ribs in the second round, he didnt gas out. Get your facts straight. Penn was DOMINATING the fight until then. It was an INJURY. Don't go and twist what I said. I said, Penn would have won if he did not get hurt. Hughes couldn't do ANYTHING to him until he was hurt. Penn said he let Hughes take him down because he could not stand, and let him mount because he'd rather get punched in the face then in the ribs. Watch the fight again, you can see exactly where Penn gets hurt.
Getting injured is part of fighting, clearly his injury was a direct result of something that Matt Hughes did. Getting Cut or injured is part of it, if you can manage to cut someone, its a win just like a knockout. It sucks to be winning a fight and having that occur, but thats how it goes. Besides we are going off Penn's statement that he was injured, I wont believe it until I see evidence other than Penn's heresay.

Anything can happen in a fight, hopefully we will see a third fight, settle it once and for all.

On a sidenote, I went back and looked at the fight in round two where Penn said he hurt his ribs. In my opinion I dont see how he could have pulled off the that beautiful transition to the triangle and arm bar if his ribs were killing him. At the beginning of round three you could see him sluggishly punch and defend. I just dont buy the whole injury thing. He just ran out of energy trying to hold the submission at the end of round 2

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