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Originally Posted by Nabors12
On a sidenote, I went back and looked at the fight in round two where Penn said he hurt his ribs. In my opinion I dont see how he could have pulled off the that beautiful transition to the triangle and arm bar if his ribs were killing him. At the beginning of round three you could see him sluggishly punch and defend. I just dont buy the whole injury thing. He just ran out of energy trying to hold the submission at the end of round 2
I think Esotera has a point. He appeared to gas abruptly,which seems a bit odd. Second time watching, it looked like Hughes and penn where about the same in fatigue in their corner..

Maybe a combination of fatigue and rib injury? He was lowering his arms, and seemed to have signs of fatigue.. Maybe the injury added on top of fatigue did him in mentally.
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