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BJ - Enough With the Excuses!!

There's no way BJ had dislocated ribs in that fight. I would never argue the fact he may have been injured, but with the ground battles and grappling that was going on, there's just no way he had a freeking dislocated rib (who the hell came up with that anyway? you can break a rib clean off, but you can only dislocate a joint) The 2 most painful bone breaks in the human body are the femur and the ribs in that order. I can believe that maybe he broke a rib during the fight, but not before. Excuses Excuses, if it was really that bad, he shouldn't have fought. BJ decided not to say anything about it before the fight so he can't really say anything now.

P.S. There's no way a guy with broken ribs is gonna stop Matt Hughes from taking him down the way Penn did. Being pressed up againsed the fence like that and having to bend over and keel over and all that, forget it. The only thing of BJ's that's broken is his ego. HAHA psycho - I think not

Let's Bang!
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