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Originally Posted by The Don
yea a pure wrestler greco roman style is at a big disadvantage when stikes are allowed cause they do not train in it at all and do not instinctualy look out for things like knees and elbows, a punch most people might look out for but they are not used to getting elbows and knees thrown at them
One of the reasons that I could never take a highschool wrestler seriously in a fight is because I know that when he comes in hes watching my torso to see which way I'm going to move, he's not paying attention to my elbows and my knees. But that's what's so awesome about MMA, you can see how all of these things match up.

Another big disadvantage of Roman-Greco is that there aren't any chokes allowed, so the wrestlers don't look for chokes and they don't look for armbars. The best submission that I've gotten on a pure wrestler was a leg crucifix, which is almost impossible to get on anyone with submission experience.

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