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John Kickchass
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Why Does This Forum Suck So Much?

I joined two days ago having the expectations as a kid at his first day at school looking to meet new friends. But the majority of the members sucks ass. I got neg repped for examining Diego Sanchez .vs. Jon Fitch for a bizarre reason, negged for debating with a poster on Faber .vs. Kid, and finally negged for voicing my opinion on the TapouT guys.

I have been nothing but decent to you and trying to discuss but then there are the stupid ones who think Melvin Guillard will fight in October when he was suspended 8 months in April and saying there will be a Total Elimination 2007. Honestly how retarded can you get even Sherdog posts better.

Ban me if you must I don't have plans on posting anymore. And you can take me out of the Creative. Thanks to the intelligent ones on here you know who you are.
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