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I have been known to throw big fly knees when i see someone go to shoot haha. but mostly I just grab them lean forward while spreading my legs diagonally outward and it generally works on opponents who are either weaker than me or have less skill.

but thats only in sparring where I dont want to harm my partner.

In a real fight ive only been taken down once, and only because I wasnt expecting it. He tackled me so hard he got full mount right off the bat. I grabbed his "genitalia" and sqeezed so hard all my knuckles popped. I got off him after only 3 punches, his eyes were rolled back in his head and he was bleeding from his mouth,nose and left ear. Not my finest moment.

But I dony guess ive ever fought someone with great bjj/wrestling so.. dont take my word that this works on everyone.

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