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there is always a chance. A slip a wild shot kick broken fist a cut in the wrong spot thumb eye. there are many things that can happen. tito has the greatest chance to win but shamrock could just be very lucky or ontop of his game and then some. but if shamrock does anything i think it has to be early cause i dont think he can go 3 rounds at his age.

who know he could find a youth potion and kick titos ass!!!! what i would like to see cause it time he win one and leave with a good impression that he got the best of tito.

and tito still in his prime can go fight babalu after the loss and get submited. that just what i think. but the point hes still got alot of time left in the sport so he can make a name for him self other than the guy that had a beef with shamrock.

thats what i just a backyard wrestler

“Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the Attack.” - Sun Tzu
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