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UFC/Pride Debate

I dont get it! someone please explain it to me! I had a debate going on with brownpimp, after a few days MMAFreak closed the thread and declared brownpimp the winner. Well I dont see that its over at all! Brownpimp barely even posted in there, and when he did they were short un-explained oppinions. At least I took the time to explain why I felt the way I did, all Brownpimp did was say Pride has better divisions, and say I was crazy for thinking otherwise! And If there is to be a winner declared, brownpimp basically submitted, he didnt even put up a fight! this is BS and I want the thread re-opened! Plus MMAFreak should not be able to judge it anyway, He and brownpimp and good friends, maybe a bit biased? I think so!

So whoever reads this, please tell me, (whether you agree with my arguments or not) do you think that debate was over?
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