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Originally Posted by BHShaman
It is supply and demand and the UFc has the right to make as much cash as they want. If they are not paying enough, the fighters will go where they can get paid more. But as people have said, dont forget endorsements and exposure. These guys like UFC because UFC is positioned to be the break through company for MMA. With that comes face time, and face time means free gym time, free consultants, endorsement money, etc. Not everything is about the base paycheck.

And MMA is in the position to pay less because people are fighting feverishly to be the top dog for the sake of fame and fortune. If you have 10 guys willing to fight 10 times for 100k, why drop 100k on one guy with no opponents?

Do you guys now what Arena Football guys make? Hardly anything at all.
Sorry, but as much as I like MMA... it is not a major sport commanding major bucks.

BTW. I run an Agency that has a $3M operations and $10M materials budget. A million bucks does not go as far as people think it does.
excellent post!
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