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Originally Posted by brownpimp88
evil, ptt447 and mma freak agreed with me while tlb only agreed with you.

Its impossible to deal with you anyways, i mean if i bring up arona, lil nog and wanderlei you act like they didnt accomplish shit. Even though all of them have been better than tito ortiz for the last 5 years. There is a reason why they are ranked higher.

I clearly state that pride has 8 out of the top 10 heavyweights in the world, yet that wasnt clear enough for you. Cro Cop and Nog are both better than andrie arlovski and tim sylvia, i dont even have to bring fedor into this topic. You downplay the fighters that fedor beat, let me ask you a question? Who the **** has jeff monson beat, who the **** has brandon vera beat, besides tim sylvia who else has frank mir beat, all of frank mir's wins are against nobodies.

Josh barnett has beat nog, alex, hunt, all top 10 fighters. He also holds wins against coture, nakamura, schilt twice and dan severen. Lets compare that to andrie arlovski's wins, he beat slyvia once, vlady once and paul beuntelo. Seriously its a joke to compare these two. arlovski is 9-5 with 3 KO losses.

Then you try and tell me that jens pulver, yves edwards, joe stevenson and melvin guillard are superior to pride's lightweights, this was also a big joke. Let's see, edwards and pulver already got ko'd by pride's top fighters. Melvin guillard has never beaten a top 10 opponent and joe stevenson's biggest win is against yves. On the othert hand, pride's fighters have been top 10 ranked for the last 4 years and they have been world champions in shooto.

Now i guarantee you'll make a reply tyring to downplay the pride lightweights even though they have more solid wins than any of the ufc's lightweights.

You keep using that top ten ranking as your sheild, but if you look at it, 3 out of 5 weight classes are topped with a UFC fighter! so F-ing what if you have the #2 or #8 guys the top ones are UFC guys. Now, most of those polls are voted on by fighters, If Pride had the better divisions then why are their guys not on top? Tell me that! doesnt make much sense to me! Thats like saying That a college quarterback is better than a NFL quarterback due to level of competition! get what I am saying. Pride has a #1 spot in the HW division, which I can unerstand. But the light weight division in the UFC was basically non-existant until recent UFC cards, so look for that one to change.

Here is the differnece between Fedor's record and Sylvia or AA's record, I am not saying that they are the best in the world. You claim Fedor is the best, yet his record is a JOKE and absolute JOKE.
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