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Originally Posted by Cbingham
hahahaha nice try!! "american magazine publishers" haha where did you get that one? hahahaha! sorry bud the polls I read are voted on by fighters in UFC and PRide and he is always at the #1 spot. Let me tell you how that fight would go, Shogun would come in all wild and open and Chuck would put him to sleep.

Ok so Fedor has 3 Legit victories but the overwhelming number of no-bodies counters that. Seriously, why dont you get it? If I go kick the crap out of a bunch of middle-school kids, does that make me #1 in the world? If the answer is yes then I will be visiting a local middle school very soon.
no its not a nice try, japanese magazines rank shogun at #1, your analysis of the fight is a joke too. Shogun would come in wild and chuck would put him to sleep. See this is why your hard to debate with, you love the ufc fighters and dont know anything about pride fighters, its getting very stupid.

Tim sylvia has beaten 20 nobodies and fedor has beat nog and cro cop, still dont get why you're debating it.

chuck hasnt beat the #2-#5, and he got his ass kicked by quinton, yet he's #1. Sure buddy.
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