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Originally Posted by Cbingham
Where is this Japanese magazine? are you Japanese?
Its not getting stupid. Shogun has sloppy stand-up just like Vanderlei, the remedy to their style of fighting is a striaght punch, while they are trying to throw those wide haymekers. How is that a joke? Thats what Vitor did to Vanderlei. And if you look at Chuck's fights, he gets the majority of his KO's by counterpunching. And Chuck has beaten FAR better competition, he beat a #1 Randy Couture twice, he beat Vitor Belfort, He beat Tito Ortiz when Tito was just dethroned from the #1 spot, He beat Babalu twice, and Babalu was ranked in the top ten both times.

And I am not talking about Tim Sylvia for the last time! I am talking about Fedor! your god. Thats why you are difficult to deal with, you just assume your oppinion is fact! "Fedor is the best, and you are stupid for questioning that" well I have brought up a very valid point, that you have no answer for.
there are japanese magazines u moron, and there are magazines that still rank shogun #1.

When did u come to terms that shogun has sloppy stand up, its sharp and accurate you idiot. He didnt look sloppy against rampage, arona and overeem. Randy wasnt #1 when chuck beat him in 2006, babalu wasnt top 10 when chuck beat him in 2002, tito wasnt top 5 in 2004. You seriously need to do your homework.

The rankings in 2004 were like this
1. wanderlei
2. randy
3. quinton
4. chuck
5. lil nog
6. tito

Shogun beat 4 out of the current top 10 and his wins are higher in rankings, the other guy just called u a joke too. I dont even know what you're proving with the fedor argument, slyvia has beaten weaker competiton.
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