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Cauliflower ear may have a viable, inexpensive treatment

I'm a 30-year-old blue belt with 1 year of training...with several fun injuries. My most recent injury was a case of the cauliflower ear. Now, I've never had cauliflower ear, and I was pretty pissed that I ended up with this thing that jacks your ear up. I checked all over the Internet for a solution. The only thing that was listed as a treatment was ice, fluid drainage, and cosmetic surgery So, I went to the doctor and had it drained...twice. It still came back. I was determined to not end up with BJ Penn ears. I sure wasn't about to drain it again ($150/trip), so I looked to my voodoo doctor to hook me up. He's been able to do some pretty amazing things in the past that regular doctors can't duplicate.

So, he gave me some natural oils and some clear rub and told me to put on my ear front and back. Within three days the swelling was completely gone at it hasn't returned (though I would get it again if my ears get jacked by some guy).

I'm looking for some guys who want to try out the cure and take some before, during, and after photos. Anyone interested? Please reply. This does not work if your ears are already jacked up and hardened.
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