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Somethings Wrong With My Legs

Hello everyone. Haven't posted in so long but now that I have the time I will post much more often. This is a long post so if you don't have time right now please come back when you have a minute.

Anyway getting back to the main issue. For some reason I've noticed that when I'm laying down, and trying to hold my legs straight up I can't do it! I will try to hold it up, but then my hamstring starts to hurt. It's affecting me so much. I cant grab my foot in simple stretches I only reach my ankles, my kicking is good but I definitly would like it to be better, and also for some reason I've noticed that the ball, and socket joint that connects my left leg to the hip hurts a bit. Now I'm not gonna lie. I've mostly trained in boxing, and while I have done Kung Fu wushu, that was very long ago. Also due to personal issues, and an array of responsibilities, I haven't trained for about a month, and a half, and have just recently started working on my technique a few weeks ago, and currently working on doing bodyweight exercises.

Please tell me, is it my hamstrings thats doing all this to me? What do you guys think, and what should I do to improve their strength, and flexibility. I never had this problem before, and stretching use to be easy, and fun for me. Please help. Thanks guys.

PS: I don't think I tore anything, and I refuse to think that I have permanent physical limitations. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks
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