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Originally Posted by Ferdelance
I tend to agree with this more. My gut level feeling is to disagree with people who say "take a shot to the body."
After all: Isn't that how Houdini was killed? Also, don't they teach, in a number of different schools ,that if a shot to the body results in damage to the spleen, or a lung being punctured by a broken rib, then you've got some serious problems!
Thanx everyone,though,for your feedback.
Ferdelance. and yes, i admit: i do have a lot to learn.
Who doesn't?
First of all, houdini was surprised by a young man as he turned to face him in a bar... the guy wanted to test one of his tricks but caught him off gaurd. Also, Houdini wasn't a martial artist and didnt condition or build muscle in his midsection.
And theoretically yes, u can get hurt form a body shot.. realistically, even top contenders dont break ribs. You have to consider that they're wearing gloves which offers a wide area of contact against the flat surfaces of the torso, and nobody has the time within range to put all their power into the shot, not to mention fatigue (k, i mentioned it).
Point is, sometimes u just gotta take a shot, its better than taking one to the head in any case
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