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Originally Posted by dopesmoker
with anybody? hell no, but there is a mau thai gym in my area, I **** up black belts in the clinch, but in alot of my street fights ive ****ed alot of people up, think franklin or leben got ****ed up by silvas clinch? atleast they were able to somewhat defend themselves, I went up against street fighters that didnt know what to do other then recieve multiple knees in the face, they try something just move them a bit, you get such an unbelievable advantage with your hands wrapped around the back of there neck, move them left or right if they try to knee/punch/grab you then knee them some more

I love the power you feel in the clinch

but if I were to go up against anderson silva and I was able to clinch him first, im sure id still get my ass tuned.
no belts in thai boxing

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