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I was at the fight. BJ dominated the 1st two rounds, I think Hughes almost got triangled, and was in an arm bar in round 2. Fact of the matter is that he came out in the 3rd, had BJ pinned down and beat him out of the arena. BJ didnt get off the mat for a few minutes, went to his stoll, sat there during half the post fight interview and was carried by two of his guys out of the ring. So the whole BJ got tired is a load of crap. Everyone in that stadium saw him dominate the 1st two rounds. Then he came out and got sloppy. It was hard to tell, considering the massive amount of brawling in the stands during this fight. There was one when he was entering, at least 2 major brawls in section 417 and below. UFC needs to tighten up security so all the fans can concentrate on the fight and not have to worry about a bunch of marines pummeling the BJ penn supporters.
Also rashaad has a huge knockout of lambert, but who are we kidding. Lambert is not the big **** swinging heavyweight that we come to love. I would have liked to see rashaad get a slightly tougher oppenent in his next bout. Maybe a guy like vera or griffin? I've talked a lot of crap on rashaad, but he finally finished a fight, granted he sat on the guy for a round still.
Also Mike swick vs the crow was a great fight. Sure there were some slow moments, but swick won the first 2 rounds, and the crow almost koed him in the 3rd. Another example of a fight that should have gone five. Is kenny florian seriously fighting for the lightweight belt? What a joke? No way he keeps that for more then 2 fights. Jens pulver got destroyed, and Marvin Guillard made that other fighter crap in his pants. There was a lot of size difference in terms of muscles on a lot of these fighters. And again, I like the matador. I think hes got the skills to kick florians ass if he gets the belt. GSP better bring his A game against Hughes. There should also be a 3rd fight in the series between BJ and Matt. Honestly, I don't like having GSP face plastered on the screen during the fight that he was supposed to be the main attraction too, then talk smack about an unimpressive victory. I dont remember him coming close to finishing BJ< and he looked much worse then Hiughes did at the end,.
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