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Gotta give Hughes Credit..

You have to give Hughes credit.. He accomplished what he set out to do. He took all of his available aresenal and considered his best strategy to gas Penn.. It worked in the end, but it was a really close call on round 2.

So, Hughes did out think his opponent,which is part of the fight.. if you can't outfight, out strategize.

Hughes, I think, took a step back and looked at the bigger picture. Penn just looked for the win and did not consider the endurance factor, or atleast did not consider it as relevant as he should have..

Penn said before it is a battle of wills.. Well, he needs to step up, do some annoying cardio and win.. Yes, it might burn him out, but he will have the title.. Does he want it bad enough?

Also, why couldn't he be creative.. I am sure there is a way to regiment the training so it doesn't burn you out.. Try something new, maybe the old saying, "Work hard, play hard"..

Of course, who am I to speak? Haven't really ever had to train for anything other than swimming competitions.

Actually, now I think about it.. Swimming is probably one of the best ways to stay injury free and get the cardio killer..

Do about 10 500 yard sets and you are got killer cardio.. I did that once and man, that kicks your butt.

Thats 200 links of the pool, almost straight..

Also, i recall runners often would do this type of swimming to stay in shape in the off season.

I recall the wrestlers would "attempt" to swim in the pool to show off their stuff and we used to just laugh at their complete lack of ability and how quickly they would gas...

We would take 120 pound wimps and have them do a race against the best wrestlers and watch them get creamed. It was hilarious.

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