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Trainee has a little shameless behaviour in the past
I watched the Karate one just a day or 2 ago. I like how they don't protect their face and buddy just came over the top and landed one on the chin lol. Karate fights are kinda weird though.
Lol, yeah. Those dudes are damn tough though. I mean, their bodies and whatnot. Their fighting style might not be too great...but did you see that karate teacher beating the hell out of his students to toughen up their bodies? Insane.

The Savate one disappointed me, too. In the beginning, they showed how tough the art is, and they showed that one man who continued fighting with broken arms and ended up winning. The fight in the end was plain retarded. The so-called champion wasn't doing anything too special, and the fight ended up a draw. Yeah, all that hype for nothing - no one's going to try learning Savate after that episode.
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