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Originally Posted by nooblift
Ok get a 55lb(or more) dumbell and a flat bench, set one knee and one hand on the bench. set the weight on the floor next to the bench, grab the weight and pull it to your hip. You can feel it right away in your Latissimus Dorsi (i didnt mean to put that V in there but its aka lats) When your twisting your hips and launching out your arm, that muscle makes a large difference. Im no exercise physiologist but it seems to make a dramatic difference to me... mainly on uppercuts and hooks.
i won't disagree because you're getting results from it but it's my understanding that your lats are for pulling, not pushing. no matter how strong they are, arm punchers don't generally generate a lot of power. as mentioned several times above, rotating the hips is a pinacle part of delivering a truly powerful punch (along with a good base, technique, and practice).

just my 2 cents
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