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Originally Posted by Steve-d
2 things
  1. i def think rich ment drop and shoot, a proper shoot and when you drop to your knee inside the other opponents legs using you other leg to drive
  2. I think rich is infact smart not stupid and was picking up on their sarcasm and at tht point no longer felt the need to explain more.
if that was not what he meant....this how I looked at it at first:

Matt asked Rich what he thought:

Richs reply - Stand with him

Matt: No, I dont want to stand with him....

Rich...Ok, then you just come in and drop to one knee....

It could be the sarcasism of Rich after giving advice and Matt saying no, I dont want to stand with him, so Rich says fine dont ask me then, you might as well just come in and drop to your knee so he cant kick you....
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