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Originally Posted by Miranda
LOL.. I'm 27 so yeah, compared to you I am old! Don's a great guy and a great father... and yeah he spends a LOT of time on here while he's at work. When he's at home he's not on here much at all, that's why you see most of his posts are during morning and afternoon hours. He's really the only reason I'm on here myself. He can't access any type of email or chat program from his work, but he can access this site. So we use the private messaging system here to talk back and forth while he's working.
I'm not a MMA type of person, although I did take TKD for about 6 months a long time ago when I was about 11 years old. I broke my master's arm while doing basic kicking exercises with him (he was the only one there tall enough to practice fairly with me.) I was a bit freakish back then being only 11 years old and 6'1" tall lol.
11 years isn't that much (just look at Hollywood knowadays), but I'd look really stupid just because I'm 5'7". I'm not selfconcious about my height, but I know that I look stupid in certain situations.

That's cool, you must be the resourceful one.

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