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Originally Posted by wukkadb
Meh, a lot of different things. I guess it's working out OK but it's actually the same place Vera and Mike Fowler used to train at, but left about 2 months into my contract. I really wanted to do Bjj under Fowler and MT under Vera :/ The trainers now are still good, but 150 bucks a month good? Nope. I definitely don't plan on renewing my contract though but I'm still learning a lot and stuff, but whatevs
Yeah, I'm sure that's disappointing to have them leave. $150 a month seems very expensive. At least you're learning, that's all I want to do right now. I'm a contractor at a Wright Patt Air Force Base, and they have a large fitness center available to all military, civilian employees, and contractors. They hold a grappling class there every Tuesday and Thursday for free, I'm going to try to go check it out this Tuesday. I figure I can't beat the price and I'm sure to learn some things.
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