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Islamic Extremism

Reposting this from my response in the "political thread", I think it's important enough to start a new thread. If anyone has any questions please feel free to PM me or respond here, This post doesnt make too clear my political views, so give me a chance to explain myself if need be. I can go into much more detail about the movie if anyone wants me to.

Everyone that reads this needs to see the documentary "Obsession: What the War on Terror is Really About" It will completely change your view on Islamic Extremism. Im a Political Science major and this was one of the best films I have ever seen in regards to the currently escalating situation in the Middle East. This film is not what the name implies, it is about how history is repeating itself. It makes some mind-blowing connections between the current Islamic extremism taking place and Nazi Germany. The connections are so blaringly obvious that history is doomed to repeat itself. Please see this documentary. It is a situation that effects everyone who lives in the western hemisphere.

If you disagree with me please do so in a respectable manner
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