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IF crocop loses...

Who do you see him fighting next? If he loses to Kongo, he would have fought
-Eddie Sanchez (W)
-Gabe Gonzaga (L)
-Cheick Kongo (L)

I began thinking, who would the UFC put him up against for his next fight? Would we see him fight another 'no name' or would they just put him in bigger fights. And if they do put him in a big fight, would he have deserved it? Who would the 'no name' be? Who would the 'big fight' be?

IMO, if Crocop loses to Kongo, casual MMA fans and UFC watchers will seriously lose interest in him. Having said that, he would have another 3 fights in his contract which should be enough to 're-build' him up for the casual fans and eventually put him in a big fight or possibly a title fight. I think that if he loses against Kongo, the UFC will put him in an 'Eddie Sanchez-esque' fight and then put him in a bigger fight right away, eventually putting him in the huge fight they wanted since they signed him.

Let me get some things crystal clear first.
-Replies along the line of 'HURRRRR BUT CROCOP WONT LOSE HURRRR' are not welcome, this is a hypothetical situation.
-I am aware that Crocop will most likely win against Kongo
-I am not saying that Crocop is 'done' or that he isnt a skilled fighter.
-I am not saying that a loss to Kongo would end his career
-I am not insulting him
-I respect him as a fighter

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This is by far the easiest and safest pick of the year in mma.
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Nog's only chance is one of his miracle submissions, after taking a beating the entire fight.
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But its not gay if you watch it with a hot chik.
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