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GMW's Training Log

Gonna give this a try. I keep a log of what I do anyways so I might as well record it here.
175 lbs
12.8% body fat (as of 2 weeks ago)

2:15-2:45 am: I always warm up with some basketball. I play my friend 1 on 1 for about 20 minutes then we do free throws (as a means to record progress). 15/20 shots made.

2:50-3:05: Did a hard run, medium distance tried to keep up a semi-fast pace, 2.3 miles.

3:10 Ė 4: Weight lifting. We just do 2 sets of 15 followed by 1 set of 12 for each muscle.

4:05 Ė 4:20: Core at this point, 225 crunches Ė in sets of 75. Then we do this thing that I donít know what itís called lol. Itís like a crunch but you turn on the way up.

8 am: I just got a new muy thai bag so I did like an hour on it. I donít have a set drill, I just throw combos, knees, kicks, whatever I feel like. . I do a bit of posting while doing this lol.

10 am: I hung a punch of baseballs by string and I use them for accuracy and avoidance. Works pretty well, there are better alternative if you have money but itís alright

I do sit ups between posts if I feel like it. Pretty much anything I do at home I do other things at the same time.
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